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I’ve heard it said that the soul is neither white nor black, neither feminine nor masculine. It is a rising plume in search of God. And I’ve been searching. It hasn’t been easy, but somehow I manage to get up and move forward in this journey we call life. I identify with the homeless, the orphan, and the abused. But I also identify with those who dance and cheer in triumph over daily battles and contests. For me, there are no borders. Due to my international background, I find myself in the face of every person, the native and the foreign. My immigrant status opens doors for me to reveal my story as I lived it on different soils. For a long time, I have been trying to find the connection between suffering and truth, between what gives pleasure and what binds; in essence, what gives me identity and authenticity in this world, in the human family.

— Marianne Campagna

This book was written over a period of thirty years due to the input and encouragement of so many family members and friends who believed in me and wanted me to tell my story. I am grateful to my father who sowed the initial seed and imagined me gathering my memories in separate pieces of paper and placing them in a box to be later bound in a book as a gift to humanity.

It did not happen in this simple way, but the words were gathered in longhand in loose and bound paper and in notebooks and diaries and then typed and retyped and finally shaped in the current form.

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Marianne's dad in Munich, Germany circa 1938Reflections from Gavea Cover
Marianne Pondering all of it at West Lake, Hangzhou, 1982

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